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  • Thursday, March 23, 2023 6:00 PM | DeAnne. (Dee) Wiese (Administrator)

    March Members Meeting

     Attendance - 22

    Joe Deaton opened the meeting up with calendar updates of Chapter events. 

    April 13th-  Builders meeting at Richard Kowalczk, reviewing his nearly completed Quicksilver Sport

    April 22nd. - Canvas & Corks

    May 6 & 7  TPS (Toledo Public Schools) with Young Eagle event. Volunteers needed and are to contact Steve Cechner

    May 20th- Pancake Super Breakfast

    Other upcoming events include ;  Details will be given as events take shape

    Pinch Hitter Class

    Spaghetti Dinner with a Raffle

    Cars, Planes, and Coffee

    When Pigs Fly

    VMC Club

    Flyouts (tbd) 

    HATH  (Hangin at the Hangar)

    Hangar upgrades were discussed, Painting throughout, adding cabinet doors to the shop cabinets, a Food serving area in the main hangar, Interior lighting Exterior upgrades.

    New Member , Glen Miering introduced Charlie Sheets who is interested in flying and participating in Chapter activities.he's excited and looking forward to visiting Oshkosh AirVenture this year. Undecided abut building but shows interest. 

    Dee updated members about the Chapter Webpage and Social media platforms and encouraged members to frequent both pages for new and past information, calendar of events and to see members articles on their aircraft. 

    Dee also thanked Glen for his work on keeping the webpage active and for helping her adjust to working in the programs.

    Dee introduced guest Speaker George Sherwood. Retired Airforce Munitions Commander. It was very interesting and interactive presentation about his career and role he played supporting the weaponizing of  our air force aircraft. Several veteran members were present and also gave backgrounds on their careers. Questions, Answers and discussion were ongoing throughout the presentation. The program was videoed and is available for viewing. 

    Dee also presented George with a handcrafted solid Mahogany Model of an F16

    A 50/50 was offered to the attendees. Jim Marlowe won the 50/50 of  $61.00. Jim graciously donated his half of $32 back to the Chapter.

    Food was provided by Dee Wiese and $63.00 donations were given. 

    Meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm

  • Wednesday, March 15, 2023 6:27 PM | DeAnne. (Dee) Wiese (Administrator)


    Members Present 7


    Joe Deaton

    Mike Whitescarver

    Dee Wiese

    Rick Rowland


    Kim Strickland

    Ryan Weaver

    Maureen Corcoran

    Joe Deaton called the meeting to order.


    Past, Current and upcoming events.

    Joe will provide a current updated Calendar for the BOD once all events are scheduled. Joe stated that our year has started off with some great events and our outlook for the upcoming  schedule is really looking promising and full.

    * Feb. 25th It was noted that the first Canvas & Corks was a huge success. 25 paid registrants participated and the event was well received with anticipation of many retuning for the next one. Dee stated the next Canvas & Corks will be much profitable since the first one got off the ground, broke even and paid for all the new materials. Dee has the next one scheduled for April 22nd. 

    March 14th VMC Club Held.. No Report was provided

    March 2nd Mike Whitescarver presented a report on the Builders Meeting held at Bill Hirzels and his current N3N project. Members from the Portage Valley Flying club attended contributing to approximately  35+

    Sloppy Joe's, chips and salsa, soup, and beverages were served.

    Bill talked about the history of the N3N, design and construction and politics behind it all. Showed and discussed some of the instrumentation of the period, along with some cool historical miniature ship identification models and very early radio set using Morse code rather than voice for communication. Answered questions throughout.


    23rd- Membership Meeting

    Dee has special guest speaker George Sherwood, Retired Airforce Missions Commander.  Food will be provided  (By Dee Wiese) by donations .

    Dee has a guest appreciation gift for the speaker.

    April 13th 

    Mike announced the April Builders Meeting will be at Richard Kowalczyk's and his Quicksilver Sprint

    APRIL 22

    Dee announced the next Canvas & Corks. The Theme will celebrate "Earth Day"

    Hangar Updates


    Joe discussed the need to update, repair and or replace shop equipment, Update to fabricate and install cabinet doors on the shop casework.

    *Dee volunteered to fabricate hinged doors at an estimated $200 budget.

    *Joe stated he is going to install under-counter LED lights

    * Joe stated he will also install strip plug outlets along the counters.

    *Ideas for new paint schemes are being discussed.

    * The First aid kit needs to be inventoried and basic needs will be replenished

    * A look into the current fire extinguishers and status 

    *The keys and locks are to be investigated for the lockable cabinet that houses the Chapter's valuable equipment. Prop Balancer, Scales, etc.


    As discussed a work party will be scheduled for updates the members can do to update paint, clean walls, build storage cabinets for chairs, tables

    * A more permanent serving area is being designed by Joe and Dee to help utilize the downstairs with a functional sink, casework and serving area for use in the event we can rent our facility. 

    *Dee has obtained an elevator (Platform Lift) to remove from a private residence and possibly install at the mezzanine balcony. Dee is scheduling a site visit to gather information , dimensions, and possible removal. 

    *Joe is looking into an electric screen and video/Sound equipment to update the main floor use for presentations, larger meetings and events.

    *Joe is in the process of updating the Hangar Main floor lighting to LEDs.

    * No Update on controllable T-Stats

    * No update on direction of new or updating facility cameras.


    * Joe and Dee will be designing a concrete walkway from the ramp to the shelter house incorporating a pad for the grill and a firepit

    * Rick Rowland brought up what the possibility is to install curtain walls on at least 3 sides of the shelter to obstruct windier days. Dee said she will stop by Toledo Tarp and bring new information to the next BOD meeting.


    * Kim would like to update the planter boxes at the front of the hangar. She has a variety of planting upgrades that will require minimal maintenance. 

    * Joe will have a lift available for refreshing the EAA 582 painted lettering on the hangar roof.

    The Board was pleased to hear that Tony Kirk is on board and has accepted the position of Chapter "Tech Councilor"

    Dee will contact Tony to update his membership. 

    Kim Strickland provided the BD's with hot chicken sandwiches and dessert.

    Meeting adjourned. 

  • Thursday, March 02, 2023 6:30 PM | DeAnne. (Dee) Wiese (Administrator)

    February Builders meeting 

    Bill Hirzel

    Project:  Navy N3N 

    Report by Mike Whitescarver

    Attendance was 35+

    Sloppy Joe's, chips and salsa, soup, and beverages were served.

    Bill talked about the history of the N3N, design and construction and politics behind it all. Showed and discussed some of the instrumentation of the period, along with some cool historical miniature ship identification models and very early radio set using Morse code rather than voice for communication. Answered questions throughout.

  • Thursday, February 23, 2023 6:30 PM | DeAnne. (Dee) Wiese (Administrator)

    Membership meeting

    President Joe Deaton called the meeting to order with 17 members present.

    10 Dinners were purchased through the online registration.

    Joe announced the upcoming events scheduled.

     Dee Wiese gave an event update on the Canvas and Corks painting event to be held Saturday Feb. 25th in the EAA Library. Dee stated that the event was nearly full with 30 registrations. 

    Guest Speaker Frank Capri gave a PowerPoint presentation on his military experience and career focusing on the Apache Helicopter history, capabilities and his experiences. 

    Dee presented Frank a gift of appreciation and for his service on behalf of Chapter 582. A Solid Mahogany Scaled Apache Helicopter.

    The Chapter honored Franks Birthday with cake and beverages. 

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:30

  • Wednesday, February 08, 2023 10:32 AM | DeAnne. (Dee) Wiese (Administrator)

    Joe Deaton called the meeting to order with 8 people present.

    Joe, Mike, Dee, Glen, Ryan, Kim, Joe P. , Maurine

    Board Meeting Agenda Feb 8th 2023

    Hitting the ground running!

    My goal and the main purpose of this meeting is to “hit the ground running” and show the

    members that we are serious about bringing back the events and programs that made this

    chapter great. I think it’s important to have a membership meeting and a builders meet in

    February., and every month thereafter.


    Status of the simulator. Who is/has been working on it? Mike W. Checking in with his son to possibly help out and look into it.

    Hangar updates

    I am getting pricing on new lighting for the hangar and entry.

    Other upgrades are in the planning stage

    Plans are being made to get rid of the junk, deep clean and paint the walls in the main hangar

    Have main hangar ready for larger events.

    Membership meeting February23rd, 6:00PM

    Dee has possible speaker for the meeting. Need information for the weekly flyer.

    Need a backup plan in case the speaker falls through.

    Hangar needs to be cleaned and organized before the meeting

    Food for the meeting?

    Programs. Set dates.

    Can the registration process on the website be set up for member/non-member events?

    Some events will have a different cost for members and non-members.

    Car’s Planes and Coffee.

    Paid rides? Charge for coffee and breakfast?

    Pinch Hitter class

    This has always been well attended. It’s to teach non-pilot family members what to do if

    The pilot becomes incapacitated. It’s a good summer event.

    IMC and VMC Club

    Can we get these going again?

    Spaghetti Dinner. Doug Gibbs. Set date. Sell tickets that are also raffle tickets?

    Pancake breakfasts. Set dates and get notices out early.

    Women’s group activities. (Dee) To bring family members who aren’t into flying to the

    hangar. These activities are a good way for entire family’s to be more involved.


    Fly out ideas, get the first one scheduled.

    Membership meeting speakers

    I have asked Jim Lenardson, Eric Barnum and Bill David All have agreed to do one.

    Bill David is available on short notice as a fill in if the scheduled speaker falls through

    Jim Miller was suggested

    Other ideas?

    Builder’s meetings

    Bill David – Flair

    Ken Kreutzfeld – Metal shaping?

    Tony Kirk – Promote Vans

    Tom Swigart – Cub Ampib

    Bill Hirzel N3N

    Glen Miering – TBLSAC

    Jim Marlowe – Sonnex Motor Glider

    Young Eagles programs

    At least one large event with workshop

    Awards banquet.

    The next awards banquet will be after the 2023 season.

    Bring back silent auction?

    When Pigs Fly

    Hangar cleanup and maint. days.

    Sweep, put things away, restock, have hangar ready for events.

    Hangar rental and security

    Fair cost for using the hangar. See attached

    Set rules for hangar usage. No commercial type work.

    Update on thermostats

    Cameras. We need cameras that work for security and, if possible, to show what’s going on in the hangar during events. Can the existing cameras be made operational?

    Discussion to have a "Newsletter" meeting with John Kurfess, Joe to set meeting date

    Calendar of Events


    2/14/23 - 6:00PM Officer transition meeting

     2/23/23 – Membership meeting. Dee, please confirm speaker as soon as you can. We need to get the word out and order food.

     2/25/23 - 582 Canvas and Corks

    3/2/23 - Builders meeting, Bill Hirzel N3N Mike, please confirm with Bill. I will probably see him on Monday evening, I will also confirm.

     3/14/23 - VMC Club Glen, Please confirm

    6/3/23 - Super Breakfast

    8/5/23 - Super Breakfast Photo shoot?

    8/12/23 - Wood County Air Fair Kim, is there a flyer I can put in the Weekly Flyer?

    8/26/23 – Cars, Planes and Coffee This was confirmed by Tony of Cars and Coffee this morning. Rain date 8/27

    10/21/23 – When Pigs Fly 

    HANGAR RENTAL Discussion

    The cost to members for private events like birthday parties should be kept low or be no charge as a member benefit. This would NOT include using the hangar anything that they would profit from unless the proceeds are going to charity. Just for a private party. We need to give our member more benefits for shelling out $50.00 per year.

    I’ll throw these numbers out as a basis for something to think about. We can tweak them when we meet again.

    Free - Members for a private event

    $15 – Members that want to use the hangar to work on their airplane. I’m assuming they would only have heat on for ½ day at the most. This would cover our cost, be less than they would pay anywhere else, and it’s enough so it would discourage someone parking their project there and leaving it untouched for long periods of time.

    $100 – Non members for a private event. (This cost would encourage someone to become a member)

    $50 – Aviation groups like Blue Horizon and the QB’s (We could benefit from these groups by getting more members)

    $100 – Non aviation groups like the dance group

    The TBLSAC group should continue with their current deal. It works well for everyone.

    To use the hangar to work on your airplane you must be a member. We should discourage long term projects in the hangar to keep space available for all members. Basically, build it at home, final assemble and test fly it at the EAA.

    No one should be using the hangar or hangar shop to do work for their own profit. Beside the fact that this isn’t what we built it for, I’m guessing it violates all kinds of written and un-written rules. We should do our very best to promote a good relationship with the FBO at the airport. We are all living under the same roof.

    I am planning to do some work out there to make the hangar space more attractive as a dual use space for our aircraft building needs as well as a large gathering space. It’s in the planning stage but when complete I think we will get more rental income from the space.

    Meeting dismissed at 8:30pm

  • Tuesday, January 31, 2023 6:54 PM | DeAnne. (Dee) Wiese (Administrator)
    Members meeting 



    Chapter Library

    Glen Meiring called the meeting to order with 20 members present.

    An introduction of the members present was given by each member. They gave a little background as to who they are, what their involvement is with aviation as well as their interests. It was well received and a great way to include interaction among the members.

    Nominations were open for Chapter Officers.

    Nominations included;

          1) President--- Joe Deaton

          2) Vice President --= Mike Whitescarver

          3) Secretary== DeAnne Wiese

          4) Treasurer --- Rick Rowland

    All nominations were accepted 

    The members unanimously voted in favor of accepting the 4 nominations for Officers. Voting was closed with the unanimous acceptance by the new officers. 

    Builders meetings was discussed  New member, Jim Barren wants to use the hanger space at an established cost to set up his wings and practice folding and attaching. It was discussed that this would be an opportunity to host a Builders group for members to participate and help. Mike Whitescarver will work with Jim to designate a schedule. 

    Mike Whaitescarver will be working on scheduling other builders projects to re-establish the builders group. 

    Dee read off the other committee and chairperson needs in order to fill the open BOD participants.

    Upon receiving the elected new officers, Dee will complete the renewal form to be submitted to National EAA

    John Kurfis is interested in writing the Chapter newsletter as well as helping maintain the Chapter Facebook Page. 

        The officers agreed to provide John the material for including in the newsletter.. such as Presidents article, Secretary's report as well as other contributing articles submitted by others. 

    There was a variety of discussions about the upcoming year agendas and mission. 

    Joe Deaton (President) was pleased with the turn out for the meeting and looks forward to the involvement of the members for the upcoming year.

    President Joe Deaton stated he is working on providing a list of names (once accepted) of the members who will participate on the Board of Directors.

    Those BOD's members will be announced at the next members meeting once provided by Joe.

    Dee stated she is awaiting confirmation from guest Speaker Frank Capri (Apache Helicopter Pilot) to be announced for the February Members meeting. 

    The floor was opened for any other discussions by the members. No other discussion were made present. 

    The meeting was adjourned by a motion from Rick Rowland and second by Mike Whitecarver. All in favor was unanimous.

    Pizza was provided by Joe Deaton, drinks were provided by the Chapter along with bacon wrapped weenies provided by Kyle Selhorst.

  • Friday, January 20, 2023 8:58 PM | DeAnne. (Dee) Wiese (Administrator)

    Chapter  Business Meeting.


    Chapter 582 Library


    Members present: 

    Joe Deaton, Dee Wiese, Mike Whitescarver, Todd Shaw, Glen Meiring, Rick Rowland, Joe Priebe, Doug Gibbs.

    Agenda: An informal meeting was called to order for casual discussion and status of Chapter 582.

     The following minutes were taken by past secretary Dee Wiese

    The current Officers and BOD members present, will be referred to as "The Team" in the following meeting minutes.

    * New Member, Jim Barren, Recent buy of a formerly flying Kit Fox. Jim joined the chapter in search of an instructor and chapter activities.

    * Financial status was presented by Rick Rowland., It was made aware that the chapter financials are open for member audit. 

       The chapter sustain enough net monies for operation to keep the chapter utilities and operating costs paid. However the past year 2022   

        showed a significant decrease in income from events and activities. It was noted that HATH remained successful and continues to profit along with being a social event that attracts members during Spring, Summer and Fall. 

    *It has been brought to the attention of the current "Team" members that the thermostats for the downstairs heaters over the past few months have been left on causing a significant increase in gas consumption. Understanding that members have access and use of the facility, the chapter has been consuming the cost of what appears to be regular hanger use with the heat left at 75 degrees or more. 

     Rick Rowland made a motion to look into the purchase and installation of "Monitored" wireless Thermostats (4 Total) 

     Mike Whitescarver second the motion. 

     An open discussion followed and it was decided unanimously that the new thermostats would help reduce the risk of having the heaters left on. Glen Meiring will look into type and model of thermostats and forward his finding to the team for purchase. 

    * Discussion regarding the use of the hanger/library by outside organizations and clubs. The chapter will address proper donations for hanger/library use. i.e. Blue Horizons, Quiet Birdman and others who have used the chapter facility in the past.

    *Discussion of events to increase revenue. Past events, successful events and not so successful events. Other chapter activities that will be further looked into were Friday hanging at the Hanger, Cars and coffee, Poker Runs, Chili fly in, pancake breakfasts and thoughts regarding Plane Fun. The rising costs of hosting these events is of concern. The "Team" was encouraged to think outside the box for ideas and events for increasing member attendance and participation.

    *It was decided by the "Team" to host a "Members Meeting" for a social  gathering and to elect officers. 

    * Joe Deaton is to announce in the Weekly Flyer that members are encouraged to nominate candidates for officers for the 2023 Elections. 

       Officers will be elected at the January 26th meeting starting at 6pm with food and drinks provided, 

    * The "Team" suggested that the Board of Directors should meet minimally once a month to address the business of the chapter. That meeting will resume every 2nd Wednesday of each month.

    * The "Team" discussed that a members meeting should resume on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6pm. commencing after the January 26th meeting. Member meetings should be limited to minimal formal business and focus on encouraging member attendance, interesting and informative speakers and a much more social atmosphere. 

    * Dee Wiese has a probable guest speaker available for the February Members meeting on the 26th. She will confirm and inform the Team       ASAP.

    *Joe Deaton provided Mississippi Pot-roast with cooked Vegetables, Mike Whitescarver provided fresh salad and rolls. 

    * The meeting was adjourned with all "Team" members in agreement of the above stated minutes.

    DeAnne Wiese  aka... "Acting Secretary"

  • Thursday, April 22, 2021 6:00 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Present: Ryan Weaver (pres), Rick Rowland (treasurer), Glen Meiring (secretary)

    Joe Priebe, Loren Stattler, Garrett Van Dyke, Ben Wolak, Kyle Selhorst, Kim Strickland, Mike Whitescarver, Hank Povolny, Andy Abreu, Steve Cechner, Joe Deaton, Ron Smolinski, Jim Marlowe, J.P. ??

    Guests: Jim Barron - 419-836-5856, vdtseal88@aol.com;

    Mason, Austin, Trey, Noah (Terra State Drone Club)

    Thomas Winston President, Joe Cappell (Toledo Lucas County Port Authority)

    Introductions - Pres Weaver

    Steve Cechner announced Young Eagle Workshop on June 19 - Fulton County and Also sometime in July at EAA582.

    Presentation - Joe Cappell, Toledo Lucas County Port Authority

    Introduced Thomas Winston - President and CEO or Port Authority

    Joe Gave a presentation on the state of Port Authority, status of the two airports and discussed the types of operations taking place.

    • Amazon Air launching Pinnacle Logistics
    • Sun Country flying 1 flight per day.  Expecting to add another flight soon.

    Q&A - Mr. Winston sees EAA 582 as a gem.  Would like to continue to work with us

    $4 per passenger charged to airlines at Toledo Express - goes to airport budget, about $10M per year.

    What is Crow's responsibility at Toledo Exec? - They provide management services.  The port operates the airport.

  • Sunday, February 07, 2021 8:00 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Meeting was had during Friday HATH.

    Pres Ryan Weaver, VP Todd Shaw, Treas Rick Rowland, Sec Glen Meiring

    Directors: Joe Deaton; Joe Priebe; Bill Elvey

    Others: Dave Horvath; Tony Krncevic (Toledo Cars and Coffee director); TJ Swigart (briefly)


    • Todd Shaw and Glen Meiring raised the proposal to buy a "portable" paint booth.  After a small project to cover the vertical stabilizer on the Pietenpol they were asked if they wanted to do a set of wings for / with Dan Blair.  They say that would be too stinky to do indoors in the winter ... unless we had a paint booth.
      • The unit should be capable of being used indoors.  It has carbon filters that claim to remove the vapors.
      • It also supports venting outside if we want to.
      • TJ Swigart said he likes the idea and would donate
      • Joe Deaton says he would dontate.
      • A considerable discussion was had about benefits, features, etc. 
      • Members could borrow
      • Should there be a donation to use?
      • It was agreed we could figure out the requirements to borrow the thing after we get it.
      • The purchase up to about $2000 was approved unanimously.
      • Anyone wanting to donate can do so after it is purchased.
      • Todd will do some more research before buying
      • Glen has previously talked to Heath Seckinger who owns an auto body and paint accessories business.  Heath is researching.
    • Cars Planes & Coffee
      • Sunday July 11th, 9am 
      • Date chosen to following an event Tony has on The second Saturday of July which attracts people from all over.
      • Tony has a wide Facebook he can advertise to OR a smaller email group.  Which would we like?  Decided on the smaller, more predictable email group this time.  Tony estimates 50 to 75 cars (I think??).
      • Glen mentioned that it's cool to have the cars on the 'inside' of the row of hangars.  We could park on the ramps and on the north side of the taxiway.  Airplanes could park on the south side of the taxiway.
      • We'll sell airplane rides.  See Bill David to set up 
      • We'll sell breakfast and lunch.
      • Rain Date 7/17
    • When Pigs Fly event - TBD

    Joe Deaton had a list of suggestions for events throughout the year.

    • Pancake breakfasts.  
      • Maybe 2nd Sat of the months over the summer.  
      • Just pancakes and sausage
      • Deaton says he thinks Mike Whitescarver may be willing to lead the events.
    •  HATH - should we advertise on flying websites?
      • We discussed how big do we want HATH to be.  Should we only choose a few dates?
      • Decided to post the whole summer.  This should spread out the demand instead of a few larger events.
    • Poker run.  Should be members only.  Deaton will run it.
    • Photography day
    • Builders meetings
    • Spaghetti dinner.  Says we should sell tickets.  It's cheap and easy.  Typically a fall thing.
    • Holiday party
    • Flyouts.  Joe has a list of locations 
    • Kitchen trailer remodel.  Suggests we bring it in the hangar and do some repairs and upgrades.

    Glen raised the concern as to whether we can do all these events.  Who would run them?  Ryan mentioned, and the general consensus is, we can plan as many as possible and we'll do what we can.  Seems acceptable.

  • Thursday, January 28, 2021 6:30 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Pres Ryan Weaver, VP Todd Shaw, Treas Rick Rowland

    Mike Whitescarver, Joe Priebe, Hank Povolny, Bill Elvey, Jack Miller, Kim Strickland

    Non Members: Aaron Holmes, Jacob Shcabel, Ken Hirt, Dottie Patrick


    Scheduled speaker, Eric Barnum, cancelled due to COVID concerns.

    Dottie Patrick, lifelong pilot, now 90+ years old, encouraged by Ken Hirt, gave an impromptu presentation, telling piloting stories from her lifetime.  This was a "happy surprise" since our speaker cancelled.

    Ryan Weaver proposed some events and activities for the calendar.

    • Flyout
    • Award Banquet
    • Spot landing contest
    • Bomb Drop
    • Poker Run
    • STOL competition

    Note all events are pending due to COVID-19, ie: Awards Banquet & Father's day weekend (Plane Fun)

      Ryan asked for other suggestions

    • Aaron Homles - says we should make a visit to B.G. aviation center.
    • Rick Rowland - mentioned the Ride Board 

    Rick Rowland gave a Treasurer's report

    • Expenses: ~$19K
      • Normal expenses, about $14K
      • Simulator, $3000
    • Income: ~$25K
      • $4600 from HATH
      • $6000 from sale of Dave Schessler's engine
      • $1200 from sale of Dave Schessler's airframe
      • $3000 from simulator donations.
    • Bank Balance ~$28K

    Donation received from Mike Whitescarver for usage of prop balancer

    Dave Hirt paid dues to join.

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