Monthly Meeting, 1/28/2021

Thursday, January 28, 2021 6:30 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

Pres Ryan Weaver, VP Todd Shaw, Treas Rick Rowland

Mike Whitescarver, Joe Priebe, Hank Povolny, Bill Elvey, Jack Miller, Kim Strickland

Non Members: Aaron Holmes, Jacob Shcabel, Ken Hirt, Dottie Patrick


Scheduled speaker, Eric Barnum, cancelled due to COVID concerns.

Dottie Patrick, lifelong pilot, now 90+ years old, encouraged by Ken Hirt, gave an impromptu presentation, telling piloting stories from her lifetime.  This was a "happy surprise" since our speaker cancelled.

Ryan Weaver proposed some events and activities for the calendar.

  • Flyout
  • Award Banquet
  • Spot landing contest
  • Bomb Drop
  • Poker Run
  • STOL competition

Note all events are pending due to COVID-19, ie: Awards Banquet & Father's day weekend (Plane Fun)

  Ryan asked for other suggestions

  • Aaron Homles - says we should make a visit to B.G. aviation center.
  • Rick Rowland - mentioned the Ride Board 

Rick Rowland gave a Treasurer's report

  • Expenses: ~$19K
    • Normal expenses, about $14K
    • Simulator, $3000
  • Income: ~$25K
    • $4600 from HATH
    • $6000 from sale of Dave Schessler's engine
    • $1200 from sale of Dave Schessler's airframe
    • $3000 from simulator donations.
  • Bank Balance ~$28K

Donation received from Mike Whitescarver for usage of prop balancer

Dave Hirt paid dues to join.

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