Peddler's Forum:

Got something to sell or something you're looking to buy?  


Let's see if we can help you find it or get it listed.  You have 2 options.  List your item with a picture or list without a picture.  If you choose to list without a picture, follow the prompts below and list your item.


If you choose to include a picture with your posting, we will first need to leave this page and upload a photo of your item.  To do so follow the step listed: 


  1) Go tho the "Members only section" of the main web page.

  2) Click on "Edit your Membership Profile"

  3) Directly below the bold "My profile"  Click on on the gray box "Edit profile"

  4) At the very bottom of you profile, the last entry, locate the "Add a photo" field.  Click on the Browse box.  Find your picture and select it from your files.

  5) Click the "Save" box in the lower left hand corner and return to the Peddler's Forum to list you item.


Note:  The photo that you have just uploaded is separate from photos in your "Member photo albums".   Each member has up to 5 individual photo albums they can create in their "Member Profile".   If you have photos you would like to share from a recent trip or maybe you have pictures of your airplane, you can create a file in your Profile to handle the job! (See: Members photo albums) in you



Follow the prompts and click on "Create topic"


  1) List your item in the Subject.

  2) Write a description of your item.  

  3) Click on the "Create" box and you're finished!


Note: When your item sells or if you choose to take your listing down, you can not remove the listing yourself.  Contact the webmaster for assistance:




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