BOD Meeting, 2/5/2021-Paint Booth, Cars & Coffee, calendar...

Sunday, February 07, 2021 8:00 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

Meeting was had during Friday HATH.

Pres Ryan Weaver, VP Todd Shaw, Treas Rick Rowland, Sec Glen Meiring

Directors: Joe Deaton; Joe Priebe; Bill Elvey

Others: Dave Horvath; Tony Krncevic (Toledo Cars and Coffee director); TJ Swigart (briefly)


  • Todd Shaw and Glen Meiring raised the proposal to buy a "portable" paint booth.  After a small project to cover the vertical stabilizer on the Pietenpol they were asked if they wanted to do a set of wings for / with Dan Blair.  They say that would be too stinky to do indoors in the winter ... unless we had a paint booth.
    • The unit should be capable of being used indoors.  It has carbon filters that claim to remove the vapors.
    • It also supports venting outside if we want to.
    • TJ Swigart said he likes the idea and would donate
    • Joe Deaton says he would dontate.
    • A considerable discussion was had about benefits, features, etc. 
    • Members could borrow
    • Should there be a donation to use?
    • It was agreed we could figure out the requirements to borrow the thing after we get it.
    • The purchase up to about $2000 was approved unanimously.
    • Anyone wanting to donate can do so after it is purchased.
    • Todd will do some more research before buying
    • Glen has previously talked to Heath Seckinger who owns an auto body and paint accessories business.  Heath is researching.
  • Cars Planes & Coffee
    • Sunday July 11th, 9am 
    • Date chosen to following an event Tony has on The second Saturday of July which attracts people from all over.
    • Tony has a wide Facebook he can advertise to OR a smaller email group.  Which would we like?  Decided on the smaller, more predictable email group this time.  Tony estimates 50 to 75 cars (I think??).
    • Glen mentioned that it's cool to have the cars on the 'inside' of the row of hangars.  We could park on the ramps and on the north side of the taxiway.  Airplanes could park on the south side of the taxiway.
    • We'll sell airplane rides.  See Bill David to set up 
    • We'll sell breakfast and lunch.
    • Rain Date 7/17
  • When Pigs Fly event - TBD

Joe Deaton had a list of suggestions for events throughout the year.

  • Pancake breakfasts.  
    • Maybe 2nd Sat of the months over the summer.  
    • Just pancakes and sausage
    • Deaton says he thinks Mike Whitescarver may be willing to lead the events.
  •  HATH - should we advertise on flying websites?
    • We discussed how big do we want HATH to be.  Should we only choose a few dates?
    • Decided to post the whole summer.  This should spread out the demand instead of a few larger events.
  • Poker run.  Should be members only.  Deaton will run it.
  • Photography day
  • Builders meetings
  • Spaghetti dinner.  Says we should sell tickets.  It's cheap and easy.  Typically a fall thing.
  • Holiday party
  • Flyouts.  Joe has a list of locations 
  • Kitchen trailer remodel.  Suggests we bring it in the hangar and do some repairs and upgrades.

Glen raised the concern as to whether we can do all these events.  Who would run them?  Ryan mentioned, and the general consensus is, we can plan as many as possible and we'll do what we can.  Seems acceptable.

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