• Friday, January 08, 2021 7:00 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    BOD Meeting held during Friday HATH event.

    President Ryan Weaver appointed the following directors and they have all accepted: Bill David; Joe Deaton; Joe Priebe; Bill Elvey


    Pres Ryan Weaver; VP Todd Shaw; Treas Rick Rowland; Sec Glen Meiring

    Directors: Joe Deaton; Joe Priebe; Bill Elvey

    Ryan Weaver: 

    • Read the bylaws aloud, summarizing some parts
      • Some parts need updated: Quorum, Meeting dates / Times; Address; Classifications, etc. 
      • Glen Meiring will review and update.  Will put the revision up for approval as specified in the Bylaws.
    • Discussed possible events for this year
      • Awards Banquet - TBD
        • Glen noted that EAA has a speaker's bureau that you can search for speakers.
      • Pancake breakfast in April
      • Newsletter including upcoming events - Deaton is pretty much doing this with the Weekly Flyer


    • Deaton proposed we reinstate the Life membership for Robert Robson (Mayor Bob).  Bob was given a life membership by, then president, Bill Hirzel, and witness by several folks, for his contributions building the hangar, etc..  A later president, Tom Park, did not recognize this membership because "it was not written down".  Bob was disenfranchised for several years.
      • The motion was unanimously approved.
    • Review and update bylaws - Glen Meiring
    • Rick Rowland proposed the idea for a "Ride Board" where pilots and passengers can find each other.
    • Backflow preventer inspection - Deaton usually gets a letter from Wood County about this time of year.  We'll wait for the letter.
    • Rick Rowland mentioned that his quickbooks backups to the Google Drive don't appear to be working.  Will get with Cechner or Glen.

  • Sunday, December 13, 2020 12:00 AM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Members were notified by email on 12/1/2020 that a poll was established on the chapter website (https://eaachapter582.wildapricot.org/admin/members/polls/details/20261/view/general/). 

    Members were invited to vote for nominees.

    President: Ryan Weaver

    Vice President: Todd Shaw

    Treasurer: Rick Rowland

    Secretary: Glen Meiring or Andy Abreu

    The poll was closed on 12/13/2020. 


    President: Ryan Weaver: 21 votes

    Vice President: Todd Shaw: 21 votes

    Treasurer: Rick Rowland: 21 votes


    Glen Meiring: 17 votes

    Andy Abreu: 4 votes.

  • Thursday, October 15, 2020 6:30 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Members Present: Not recorded


    Don Kleeberger

    Chapter Business:

    Treasurer Rick Rowland gave a treasurers report.

    Glen Meiring introduced speaker


    Travis Chapin.  Video posted to YouTube here: https://youtu.be/4JtzU4rlByI

  • Thursday, March 19, 2020 6:30 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Due to COVID-19, meetings were cancelled for several months.

  • Thursday, February 20, 2020 6:30 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Members Present: Not recorded


    Dave Sniffen

    John Eckleberry

    Kyle Selhorst

    Garret VanDyke

    Seth Brady

    Joanie Kitchen

    Dinner: Members enjoyed dinner from Carolyn's catering.

    Chapter Business: 

    Award banquet coming up.

    Speaker / Content:

    We watched the monthly EAA chapter video magazine.

  • Thursday, January 16, 2020 6:30 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Members present:  Not recorded

    Chapter Business:

    There was little chapter business discussed.  President Bill David had some general remarks and introduced the speaker.

    Speaker: Captain Joe Rehm, King Air pilot and flight instructor extraordinaire.

    His topics for discussion were of interest to instrument pilots and wannabes in the understanding and execution of determining the different types of RNAV approach minimums along with other procedural information on this subject.  

    Also, the captain discussed the ins and outs of the ADSB compliance requirements for flight in our nations airspace.

  • Thursday, November 21, 2019 6:30 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    23 People in attendance 

    Members: Bill David (Pres), John Kurfess (VP), Glen Meiring (secretary), Rick Rowland (treasurer), Rich Scherfeld, TJ Swigart, Todd Shaw, Corey Stulpin, Bill Elvey, George Roush, Casey Putsch, Korbin Friend, Mike Whitescarver, Andy Abreu, Rick Lederman, Ron Smolinski, Joe Preebe, Eric Barnum, Hank Povolny


    Taylor Putsch (Genius Garage)

    Brock (Genius Garage)


    Chuck Smith

    Bill David (President) Presenting: 

    Bill would like to talk about the state of the chapter.  Where we are and things that have happened over the last year or so.


    • Bill met with Port Authority and signed agreement as mentioned in previous meetings. 
    • We have about $40k in back taxes due.
    • We now rent from the Port Authority.  Port would have assumed ownership in about 6 years anyway.  Rent was about $130/month.  Now will be $500/month to cover back taxes.
    • Lease says we are still technically responsible for taxes.  However Port is seeking tax exemption for whole airport and they think it will be legally easy to do.
    • Previous verbal discussion said that lease will "snap back" to current rental rates when back taxes were paid, about 10 years.  However, there is no snap back clause in agreement.


    Eric Barnum - he believes that we will need to send a letter once per year expressing our intent to renew the lease.  The letter will need sent once per year.

    George Roush - Do we have to have insurance?  We believe on contents only since Port now owns the hangar.  Read lease to be sure.

    Other airport tenants, Eric Barnum and TJ, agree this was a good deal with the Port.


    • Simulator bay has come a long way.  The bay has been mocked up nicely.
    • Mike Digby is looking into BATD certification which would allow logging some of the time on the simulator.

    Korbin Friend has been working on the system and discussed the state of the system: 

    • Consider updating video card and computer.  Existing set up is several years old.
    • Would like to use the system to attract members from other chapters to use as well as new members.


    Bill presented the printed QRH (Quick Reference Handbook) of the chapter operations.  The book was designed similar to an airline QRH using the same binding materials.  Looks cool.  Contains all of the need-to-know information to run the chapter.  Will be good for future administrations to pick up and run the chapter.

    Tool Program:

    The tool program is up and running again.  It should be used when borrowing tools.  See https://eaachapter582.wildapricot.org/tools


    Every week something is happening at the chapter.  First Thursday, IMC club; Second Thursday, VMC club; Third Thursday, Chapter meeting; Fourth Thursday, Youth night.

    Money Received:

    Recently, we have received ~5,500, combined, from TBLSACI (hangar use);  Doug Gibbs (hangar use); Joe Deaton (when pigs fly)


    Seeking nominations for officer positions.  Bill David, Glen Meiring and Rick Rowland plan to run again.  John Kurfess (VP) is stepping aside.

    Initiatives of things we would like to do going forward: 

    Ride Board 

    • Publish openings for rides.  That is, if you're flying somewhere and you have an opening, post it for someone else to come along if they like.
    • If you need a safety pilot for IFR 

    Put up a sign: We would like to put a sign along the road to advertise our presence.

    Ambassador Program: Bill would like to visit other chapters to coordinate with.  He's offering the use of his airplane to go visit other area chapters.

     ---- Presentations by other Members ----

    Casey Putsch, Genius Garage

    Casey would like to team up with the 582nd to develop youth programs.  Not sure quite what that is yet but planning to work with Bill David to come up with something.

    Casey announced that Genius Garage has some big things happening.  He can't talk publicly yet.  Casey has been regularly posting to YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/user/putsch1.  This has gotten the attention of some folks and some good things are happening.

    Rick Lederman, Co-Director of Weak Signals Expo, "The Toledo Show Expo"

    The Toledo Show: R/C Model Expo, https://www.toledoshow.com/,  is North America’s largest and longest running R/C model expo.

    Expo is April 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2020.

    Rick has offered one or two FREE booths ($500 value per booth!) to the 582nd to promote what we do,  He is able to offer to us because we are a special interest group

    We will need people to be at the booth during the expo

    Ryan Weaver, Bill David - TBLSACI Dissolving

    TBLSACI will be going away.  It will be replaced by SAC, Sport Aviation Corps

    The so-called Flaire project will be renamed to ST-1p, Sport Trainer 1 (as in the first) with a 'p' for prototype.

    Bill presented SAC logos and aircraft paint scheme.

    Meeting concluded about 9:10pm

  • Thursday, October 17, 2019 11:13 AM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Approximately 18 members in attendance.

    Meeting started at 6:30.

    President Bill David recognized visitors: 

    • Recognized visitors
      • Korbin Friend
      • Steve Ramsey
      • Lucas Phillips

    Dinner Carolyn's catering.

    Bill David talked some business beginning about 7:00.  Among his discussion: 

    • Port Authority tax situation.  Member Joe Deaton had met with Port Authority and discussed a tentative deal.  We don't have anything in writing but it consisted of:
      • We will settle the tax bill for $40,000, to be paid over 10 years.
      • The Chapter Hangar will convert to a month-to-month rent
      • There will be no further property taxes due by the Chapter
    • There will be an Aviation Day on the regularly monthly Youth Day, 10/24.  Young Eagle rides will be provided.
    • Discussed Chapter Service Teams, aka "Social Volunteerism".  Secretary Glen Meiring also contributed and will lead this initiative.
    • "When Pigs Fly" will be held on Sat, 11/2
    • Chapter Simulator status was discussed.
    • Ambassador program.  Bill disussed travelling to some other Chapters' meetings as a way to foster cooperation between chapters and to support each others' events.

    Todo: A attendee (Korbin Friend?) mentioned that maybe there is a way to create custom email lists to allow communication among the volunteer team members.  Glen Meiring to investigate.

    Speaker content: Bill David "Holding Court", reviewing YouTube aviation videos and discussing the good and the bad content in these videos.

  • Thursday, September 19, 2019 6:30 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Started at 6:30.

    Members were encouraged to email photos or videos from over the summer.  After dinner, we could discuss.

    "Photos from Summer / Oshkosh. If you have any photos you want to share and/or talk about tonight, email them to contact@eaa582.org"

    Dinner was deli sandwiches from Churchills

    Vice President John Kurfess presiding.

    New members inducted: 

    • Bryan Boyer

    John discussed some chapter business including: 

    • Tax situation - Verbal at this point (Joe Deaton met with Port Authority)
      • Port Authority will take ownership of building
      • Rent will remain the same
      • They will give us 10 year to repay the debt (about $40,000 total)
      • This is all to be received in writing and approved.
    • Short Q/A
    • When Pigs fly will be sometime in Oct (TBA)
    • Money in the bank - Generally a good thing.
    • We had camping at Oshkosh. (look over submitted pics)
    • Members’ Summer highlights

    John reviewed some chapter happenings from over the summer and members shared some pictures and videos.

    Images Shared:

    Todd Shaw - Todd and Glen Meiring flew the Pietenpol to Oshkosh

    Todd likes the Tailwind

    Todd and Glen, back from Oshkosh (long trip!)

    Joe Deaton, Peanut needs hearing protection too!

    Rick Ledderman's Stemme

    Chapter camping


    People admiring the Pietenpol at Oshkosh

    Rick discussed his recent Engine problem (clutch failure) and narrated his video: 


  • Thursday, May 16, 2019 6:30 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Recognized Visitors: 

    Genius Garage - Casey, Taylor, Brock, Isaac, Payton

    Dinner Catered by Carolyn's Catering.

    Casey discussed Genius Garage and it's mission.  One of the interns spoke of his experience.

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