• Thursday, April 18, 2019 6:30 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    There were 22 people in attendance. 

    Dinner provided by Carolyn's catering (Salisbury Steak).


    Dave Farley

    Eric Coggin - eric.coggin@ohwg.cap.gov, gocivilairpatrol.com

     - Eric gave a short presentation about the Civil Air Patrol.

    New members: William Elvey and Jean-Marie Deschamps.  Welcome!

    A donation is accepted for the food and we "netted" about $140 over the expenses.  

    Bill David presided over a review and discussion of YouTube aviation videos - how we may perceive the content as factual and reliable yet there may be misinformation in some of them.  Overall, YouTube videos are probably good for aviation but we need to be wary of the source(s).  It was entertaining and there was some good discussion.  As for me, I may have actually learned a few things

  • Thursday, March 29, 2018 6:30 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)


    Ryan Weaver (pres); Kevin Loefler (vp); Rick Rowland (treasurer); Glen Meiring (secretary); Bill David (director); Joe Priebe; Jim Marlowe; Mike Whitescarver; Rick Lederman; Hank Povolny; Ron Smolinski; Charlie Danner; Glen Rose Danner; John Kazmier; Corey Stulpin; Ed Huffman; Brian Wiese; John Kurfess;

    Non Members:

    Rick Wagoner; Mike Berquin


    • President Ryan Weaver introduced the officers for 2018
    • Members and guests introduced themselves and told a little about themselves
    Chapter Business
    • President Weaver, Tax exemption hearing - Ryan, Joe Deaton and chapter attorneys attended a tax-exempt hearing in Columbus recently (date??) to discuss the tax-exempt status of the Chapter.  We may not know the decision for some time, perhaps December, 2018.  Ryan's feeling is the hearing went well
    • Ryan reviewed upcoming events.  Full calendar is available on the web site.
    • Some general questions were asked about the web site
      • The member stats on the front page don't look right.  Where do these come from.  Nobody knew.  Answer: this is manually updated periodically.  Now updated as of 4/1/18.
      • Glen Meiring pointed out that still images of Hangar cameras can be viewed from the "Photos" menu item, although the images didn't show up in the demo.
    Special Speaker: Bill David
    Bill David lead a discussion about accidental spins.  He used several You-Tube videos as reference in the discussion: 


    Bill also discussed a video about the "impossible turn"

  • Friday, March 02, 2018 8:47 PM | Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    Board of Directors Meeting

    3/1/2018, 6:30pm

    John Walsh Library

    Present: Ryan Weaver (President), Kevin Leofler (Vice President), Glen Meiring (Secretary), Steve Cechner (Past President), Bill David (Director), Jeff Hammons (Director)

    Young Eagles results from 2017

    • Total includes TPS Aviation Expo + Plane Fun + Wood County Air Fair + Individual flights
    • 377 Young Eagles Flown
    • $1885 in Young Eagles credits earned.


    Tentative 2018 schedule proposed. (VP K. Loefler).  To be finalized and published.

    Consider moving to quarterly meetings.  (Pres R. Weaver)

    • Focus more on cultured craftsman meetings
    • After discussion, decided to keep with monthly except summer months and November / December
    • Need speakers, subject matter, etc.
      • Air Campers: Brendan  / Colin (S. Cechner)
      • Combine w / Aviation Explorers (Weaver)
      • Martha Lunkin (Cechner).  B. David has a contact
      • Skype with Matthew Curcio, Scaled Composites
      • Lonnie Prince
      • Tim Williams, Foreflight presentation
      • Parish Oneil, Insurance
      • Jamie Weidner, great airline emergency stories
      • Gordon ?, YouTube? (B. David)
    • Note: A review of Bylaws calls for Monthly meetings on specific days and times.

    Winter Banquet

    • Should we cancel since so late?
    • Consider spring banquet - Call it celebration of tax status
    • Jeff Hamons will check into Shriners hall again.
    • Proposing 4/28

    Consider an Oshkosh Fuel and Food Fill-Up for planes coming from the East to Oshkosh with Air to Air photoshoots

    • Saturday / Sunday 7/21 and 7/22.
    • All day hang-out with chapter members.
    • Serve food and help out travelers on the way to Oshkosh
    • Provide Air to Air photographs of planes coming and going
    • Air to Air photographs for community visitors and / or members and guests

    Plan target drop (aka bomb drop), poker run, and/or photography scavenger hunt.

    Motion to find and purchase mobile phone repeater for chapter hanger, 

    • B. David 1s,  Leofler 2nd
    • Motion voted and passed
    • Nominated J. Hammons to research
    • SolidSignal.com site shows devices less than $1000.

    There was discussion about hosting pancake breakfast on Saturdays.  TBD.

    Hangar Use

    2 members, Paul Cooper and Mike Kimball, have asked to host a chapter restoration project of a Taylorcraft L-2 using the chapter hangar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taylorcraft_L-2 They propose gathering corporate sponsors to support the project.

    • Board must approve the parameters, scope and calendar of the project.
    • The board raised the following questions
      • Who owns the aircraft [before, during and after project]?
      • What happens to the aircraft when the project is complete?
      • Explain how corporate sponsors will participate and benefit.
      • What are Paul and Mike's history of previous projects?
    • Paul and Mike should submit their plans to the board for review.
    • Paul and Mike might consider an organizational meeting to determine interest in the project.

    Plane Fun

    K. Leofler contacted National Guard regarding a fly-over.  They would like more information about the event including how money from the event is used.  A Director suggested inquire about a helicopter [visitors could view up close??]

    Other Business

    • It was suggested that for events which involve food and guests, consider asking guests to sign up for a “Contact” membership.  This may mitigate the need for Health Department inspections required for public food service since participants would be “members”. (B. David)  Note: a short review of Chapter Bylaws does not show “Contact” membership as a valid member type.  Members must also be members of EAA national
    • First Aid Kit should be kept up-to-date.  Dan Weise has previously already volunteered to restock the kit in a seperate personal meeting.  This is understood to be a one-time restocking.
    • We should consider posting a list of things the Chapter needs to do on the web site.  Members could then volunteer to complete items. (B. David)

  • Wednesday, May 18, 2016 9:54 PM | Deleted user

    EAA Chapter 582

    Board of Directors Meeting

    May 18

    New Camera on hangar: Motion to get 4 cameras not to exceed $1200.

    Jim Marlowe: 1st

    Bill Hirzel: 2nd

    Motion passed.

    Discussed camera for library, shop, hangar, outdoor

    Shelter House: Dontations $5000 to date

    Objective: complete by plane fun

    Mike: Plaques for wall: copies of plaques that were given out at banquet for wall.

    Hath: Start June 3rd. Plan on having every Friday. Will have donation bucket, no set amount.

    Plane Fun:

    Charity flights: Paperwork filed

    Repairs to barrel train:

    Motion that all activities are free: Motion passed (ribs, rocket, barrel train etc)

    BBQ for members Saturday night.

    Hosting regional group meeting on June 25th.

    Provide place to meet

    Small breakfast

    Cultured Craftsman:Next meeting June 14th

    Grill will need replacing soon:

    Motion to replace grill with budget not to exceed $750.

    Motion Passed

  • Wednesday, May 18, 2016 4:14 PM | Deleted user

    EAA 582 Board of Directors Meeting

    April, 13, 2016

    Attendees: Jeff Hamons, Steve Chechner, Karl K., Mike Whitescarver, Dave Horvath, Hank P., Tom Park, Scott R.

    Call to order: 6:30pm

    Financial Report: Rick Rowland: Financials are in good order. Banquet was break even.

    Insurance Update: T. Park: renewed for year with EAA.

    Facilities update: D. Horvath:

    • ·         Shelter House:
    • o   Plans filed with Wood County, Approved by Port Authority, Port Authority will own.
    • o    Motion to proceed with Shelter house with Concrete floor: Motion passed

    Special Events: All

    • ·         Plane fun:
    • o   Planes set up
    • o   Letter to FAA for Charity Rides: complete
    • o   Plane fun meeting to be scheduled
    • ·         HATH:
    • o   Hank has volunteered to work this
    • o   Start Memorial day weekend and continue to Labor day
    • o   Tentatively planned for June 3rd to August 26th
    • o   Hank to set-up planning meeting
    • ·         Toledo Air show: July 16 and 17th
    • o   Air Show waiver in effect from 10am to 5pm daily
    • o   Will plan for Young Eagles the following weekend
    • ·         Pancake Breakfast: Tentatively planned for Early Fall
    • ·         Fly outs: Want to get first one on the calendar
    • ·         Regional Group Meetings:
    • o   Host 2nd Saturday in May
    • ·         Cultured Craftsman: 25 people participated in last one.
    • o   Next one: American Race Cars

    Young Eagles: Steve Chechner:

    • ·         On-line training/background checks for all coordinators and Pilots: Required by May 1, 2016
    • ·         Planned training for April 23rd and 24th


    • ·         Ground school has brought in new members, 6 new members
    • o   Class is going well
    • o   Possibly run a “rusty Pilot” class
    • ·         IMC Club: may bring it back
    • ·         Need “Educator of the Year”award for club. Education is important to the club.
    • ·         How Long do we keep Key Fob going after people stopped paying dues?
    • o   Scott to draft letter to non-paying members
    • §  Courtesy advisory that Key Fob will Stop after 60 days
    • ·         Newletter went out.


    • ·         People mover needs new Deck
    • ·         Need Release of Liability if use EAA Equipment
    • o   Barrel Train
    • o   People mover

  • Tuesday, March 01, 2016 10:16 PM | Deleted user

    EAA Chapter 582

    BOD meeting, Feb 3, 2016


    Jeff Hamons

    Dan Wiese

    Rick Rowland

    Scott Riggs

    Tom Park

    Joe Deaton

    Bill Hirzel

    Mike Whitescarver

    Kim Strickand

    Karl Kazmirski

    Steve Cechner

    Dave Horvath

    Financials Reviewed:

    • Rick R. provided a review of expenses and revenue, acct balances

    • Please see Rick for questions or specifics of financials

    • decided to keep $250 in paypal.

    • Treasury report approved.

      • no discussion


    • Get oil dry for hangar

    • update first aid kit

    • plan to upgrade hangar door latch over the summer

    • Apply heat tape for heater drain

    • Hangar usage: Use of hangar requires person to fill out form.

    Shelter House:

    • Drawings approved

    • have about half of the required funds for the shelter house.

    • moving forward on project

    • planning additional fundraisers

    Members award and recognition event:

    • $24/person

    • $200 hall rental

    • EAA members and guests

    Plane Fun:

    • Tabled until scheduled meeting

    • meeting scheduled for Feb 16th, will have to reschedule


    • March 12 PP ground school

    • Bill Davis running school

    Upcoming events:

    • Toledo Airshow: July

    • Pancake breakfast:

      • Goal is one pancake breakfast this year

      • Dave Horvath, Kim Strickland

      • Need to pick date

      • Plan on discussing in greater detail next meeting

    • Chili Fly-in:

      • October 2016

    • When pigs fly: discuss next meeting

    • EAA Chapter Regional update:

      • proceeding well

      • Next meeting March 12th, Wood county

    • Cultured Craftsmen: Builders meeting

      • Jays body shop

      • Facebook details

    Young Eagles:

    • EAA Training required for anyone working with kids

    • Volunteer training to start in march

    New Member ideas:

    • recruitment:

      • Bring guest who may be interested

      • reach out to Bowling Green University

        • Do we have a meeting there???

      • Kim Strickland will contact Bowling Green

    • Need monthly list of whose dues are coming up

      • Contact them to have them renew

  • Saturday, January 30, 2016 12:06 AM | Deleted user

    Chapter 582 Membership meeting, Jan 28th.

    Upcoming Events:

    • Hanging at the Hangar:

      • 1st Saturday of every month, plan is to have an activity planned at the hangar

      • Next one will be Feb 6th.

    • Ground School

      • Planned to start March 6th

    • Builders Meeting:

      • Next one scheduled for Feb 9th

      • Jay’s Body Shop

        • Bring picture of you in front of Airplane

    • Plane fun planning meeting is on the schedule

    • No Membership meeting in Feb

      • Recognition banquet is planned for Sat Feb 27

        • Silent auction

        • at Zenobia Shriners

    • See Web Page for updated schedules of events

    Board Meetings:

    • Board has been focusing on Chapter Strategy map

    • Membership:

      • New Members

      • Bring old members back

    • Communication

      • Website

      • Calling post

    • Learning:

      • Builders meetings

      • Ground school

      • Presentations

      • Simulator

    • Finances

      • Stability

    • Chapter Activities:

      • Toledo Airshow

      • Plane Fun

    • Philanthropy:

      • Young Eagles

        • Toledo airshow

        • Wood County

        • Toledo public Schools

  • Friday, January 22, 2016 12:17 AM | Deleted user

    EAA Chapter 582

    Board of Directors Meeting

    Jan 20, 2016


    Kim Strickland

    Mike Whitescarver

    Scott Riggs

    Tom Park

    Rick Rowland

    Joe Deaton

    Bill Hirzel

    Dan Wiese



    • Discuss where we want to invest chapter funds in next meeting.

    • Noted: Chapter maintains positive financial position.

      • Contact Rick Rowland for any financial questions

    • Insurance: 2 policies, Hangar: EAA; Premise Liability Insurance: Brooks Insurance

    Facilities Update:

    • Clean up day was very successful.

    • Pop machine: discussion Motion Passed:

      • Unplug pop machine and keep pop in refrigerator until April 1st.

      • Revisit in April meeting if we keep machine or not.

    • Building improvements:

      • Motion Passed

      • Will change over to LED lights on the building and outside sign.

    • Inventory:

      • noted: need to create list of tools

      • Bill David may have a list started

    • Outdoor Shelter:

      • Table discussion for next meeting, Jeff to add to agenda

    • Calendar:

      • Draft of calendar was reviewed

      • Will post to web page

    • Member recognition and awards banquet:

      • Motion to have recognition and awards banquet: Passed

        • Feb 27th, 2016

        • Recognition for accomplishments

        • RSVP by Feb 20th (?)

        • Cocktails

        • Dinner program

        • Member only for now

    • Silent Auction at banquet:

      • Drop off at hangar

      • Dave Horvath will be contact for Silent Auction

      • Motion to have Dave Horvath in charge of silent auction: Passed.

    • Plane fun:

      • Motion to have Plane fun 2016 passed

      • Plane fun planning meeting is on the calendar

    • HATH

      • Tabled for subsequent meeting

    • Toledo Airshow:

      • Toledo airshow in July

      • More information to come

    • Pancake Breakfast:

      • Plan one pancake breakfast over the summer. Motion passed.

    • Chili Fly-in and Cruise-in:

      • Chili fly-in at Haar Field, Oct 23rd. Motion passed

      • Dan Wiese to run.

    • Young Eagles:

      • 2016

        • Plane fun

        • toledo Public Schools

        • Toledo Airshow

        • Wood county

      • Noted: EAA has a new training requirement for anyone working with Young Eagles.. Joe has sent an email. Training does not take much time, but EAA will perform a background check. There may be a extended lead-time for this as we move into the season. Better to do the training early.

    • Membership:

      • Bill is contacting old members to bring them back

    • Next meeting: Feb 3rd at 6:30 at the EAA hangar

  • Thursday, November 19, 2015 9:24 PM | Deleted user

    Chapter Minutes, November 19th, 2015

    Review of financials:

    • Balance: $36K

    • refer to financial report

    • Financial reports are available upon  request made to the Board of Directors.

    Old Business:

    New Flight Simulator:

    • Updates:

      • proceeding. defining scope

    Chapter apparel and hats:

    • Reviewed sales and revenue of apparel sales.

    • Inventory on-hand for future sales

    Plane Fun:

    • People mover will need to be rebuilt prior to Plane Fun

      • Ryan will make posting on web page to kick off the project.

    • Planning for plan fun needs to start now.

    New Business:

    Hanging at the hangar:

    • Reviewed income statement

    • Open discussion on future of HATH

    Annual Chili & Franks fly-in

    • Haar Airport:

    • summary provided by Dan Wiese via email (read by Tom P).

    Builder’s Meeting report::

    • Was held at Jim Marlowe’s house

    • Great time had by all

    • Thank you Jim

    Civil Air Patrol:

    • Motion made to allow CAP to utilize hangar. Motion seconded.

    • motion passed.

    • Board to proceed with allowing CAP to use hangar.


    • Per EAA national, to vote in EAA582 elections, People need to be members of both local EAA 582 and EAA National.

    • EAA will host builders meeting and will have capacity to vote at the meeting or by using EAA 582 webpage. Voting will be open Dec 1 to Dec 7.

    • Nominations posted on Webpage

  • Thursday, July 23, 2015 8:42 PM | Deleted user

    EAA Chapter 582:

    2015 Plane fun,

    • Need to update for final accounting of Plane fun.

    Air Academy:

    • Mitchell Wisniewski, class is full for this year. Will go next year. Points are reserved for next year.

    • Brendan Cooper: had a great time. Looking forward to hearing about Brendon’s experiences.

    Flight Simulator:

    • Simulator to proceed.

    • Expenditures have been approved by the board earlier.

    Hats and apparel:

    • hats, sold 48, ordered 48 more

    • Shirts: Full array of sizes in inventory

    2015 Young Eagle Program:

    • Wood county Air Fair: August 15th

      • request for volunteers has gone out

      • Contact Steve C. to participate

    Hanging at the Hangar:

    Request to Treasurer to provide average monthly expenses to run the chapter:

    • Utilities

    • Rent

    • Lease

    • etc.

    Action taken to validate chapter documents and financial records are kept on chapter’s folder on Google Drive.

    New business:

    Plane fun appreciation Luau, August 1st:

    • Dan Wiese Chairman

    • Look on chapter website to register

    Wings presentation:

    • Mark Kimmel: Sept 8.

    • See website for details and registration

    July Poker run on hold

    • Reschedule date to be announced

    What Saturday morning would be agreeable for a insurance presentation.

    Meeting adjourned

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