Chapter Business Meeting

Friday, January 20, 2023 8:58 PM | DeAnne. (Dee) Wiese (Administrator)

Chapter  Business Meeting.


Chapter 582 Library


Members present: 

Joe Deaton, Dee Wiese, Mike Whitescarver, Todd Shaw, Glen Meiring, Rick Rowland, Joe Priebe, Doug Gibbs.

Agenda: An informal meeting was called to order for casual discussion and status of Chapter 582.

 The following minutes were taken by past secretary Dee Wiese

The current Officers and BOD members present, will be referred to as "The Team" in the following meeting minutes.

* New Member, Jim Barren, Recent buy of a formerly flying Kit Fox. Jim joined the chapter in search of an instructor and chapter activities.

* Financial status was presented by Rick Rowland., It was made aware that the chapter financials are open for member audit. 

   The chapter sustain enough net monies for operation to keep the chapter utilities and operating costs paid. However the past year 2022   

    showed a significant decrease in income from events and activities. It was noted that HATH remained successful and continues to profit along with being a social event that attracts members during Spring, Summer and Fall. 

*It has been brought to the attention of the current "Team" members that the thermostats for the downstairs heaters over the past few months have been left on causing a significant increase in gas consumption. Understanding that members have access and use of the facility, the chapter has been consuming the cost of what appears to be regular hanger use with the heat left at 75 degrees or more. 

 Rick Rowland made a motion to look into the purchase and installation of "Monitored" wireless Thermostats (4 Total) 

 Mike Whitescarver second the motion. 

 An open discussion followed and it was decided unanimously that the new thermostats would help reduce the risk of having the heaters left on. Glen Meiring will look into type and model of thermostats and forward his finding to the team for purchase. 

* Discussion regarding the use of the hanger/library by outside organizations and clubs. The chapter will address proper donations for hanger/library use. i.e. Blue Horizons, Quiet Birdman and others who have used the chapter facility in the past.

*Discussion of events to increase revenue. Past events, successful events and not so successful events. Other chapter activities that will be further looked into were Friday hanging at the Hanger, Cars and coffee, Poker Runs, Chili fly in, pancake breakfasts and thoughts regarding Plane Fun. The rising costs of hosting these events is of concern. The "Team" was encouraged to think outside the box for ideas and events for increasing member attendance and participation.

*It was decided by the "Team" to host a "Members Meeting" for a social  gathering and to elect officers. 

* Joe Deaton is to announce in the Weekly Flyer that members are encouraged to nominate candidates for officers for the 2023 Elections. 

   Officers will be elected at the January 26th meeting starting at 6pm with food and drinks provided, 

* The "Team" suggested that the Board of Directors should meet minimally once a month to address the business of the chapter. That meeting will resume every 2nd Wednesday of each month.

* The "Team" discussed that a members meeting should resume on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6pm. commencing after the January 26th meeting. Member meetings should be limited to minimal formal business and focus on encouraging member attendance, interesting and informative speakers and a much more social atmosphere. 

* Dee Wiese has a probable guest speaker available for the February Members meeting on the 26th. She will confirm and inform the Team       ASAP.

*Joe Deaton provided Mississippi Pot-roast with cooked Vegetables, Mike Whitescarver provided fresh salad and rolls. 

* The meeting was adjourned with all "Team" members in agreement of the above stated minutes.

DeAnne Wiese  aka... "Acting Secretary"

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