2 Cleveland Wheel and Brake units, Model 30-9 (?4-77?

  • Tuesday, August 29, 2017 8:05 AM
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    Stephen Cechner (Administrator)

    I was an EAA member years ago and built a VARI EASY.  I flew it for a number of years and sold it to someone in California.  On the ferry flight from Toledo Suburban to CA. , I entered some clouds and iced the air inlet to the fuel tank.  Engine soon quit and I dead stick landed it in some corn stubble – broke my back and ripped the landing gear off, totaling the EASY.  I still have the wheels and brake assemblies.



    2 Cleveland Wheel and Brake  units, Model 30-9   (?4-77?


    Is anyone interested in buying these, tires and tubes included?


    Ray S. Richards, 419-843-5808, email rays.richards@bex.net


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