Corvair engines

  • Wednesday, April 22, 2020 3:50 PM
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    Stephen Cechner (Administrator)

    Hello EAA Chapter 582 members and friends.

    I have access to two Corvair flat opposed 6 cylinder engines.

    Here is what I know.

    1. One of the engines is for sure a 164 cu in. engine. The other engine is likely the same, but not confirmed.

    2. They have been in storage for several years. Their internal condition is unknown. They do turn over by hand with a wrench.

    3. They come with 2 sets of additional crankcase halves.

    4. One of the engines was installed at some point on a VW bus and has a known 10,000 miles on it while so installed.

    5. They are located in the Toledo area.

    6. The owner is willing to deliver them to TDZ if requested.

    7. The price is …. free

    Everything I know about Corvair engines I learned from the internet. According to the internet it has been successfully used on planes such as the following:J3 Cub, Pietenpol Air Camper, Pietenpol Sky Scout, Breezy, Tailwind, KR2, VP2, Sonerai II, Volmer Sportsman, Christavia Mark I, Boredom Fighter, Fisher Horizon, Corben Junior Ace, Nieuport 12, Skycoupe, Sonex, Benson Gyrocopter and Davis DA2

    If anyone has interest in these, please give me shout out at my email or call me at 419-350-7008.



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