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  • Sunday, October 07, 2018 9:40 PM
    Message # 6711193

    My fellow chapter members, tonight I come to you with determination and hope.  My hope is steeped in the future of the chapter and what we can accomplish with our collective talent and experience.  Although we have succeeded in many accomplishments over the years I feel that there are more opportunities to be explored in many different aspects of recreational aviation.  With the spirit of our founding charter members I look toward to the future with enthusiasm and jubilation.

    I know we have some pretty steep obstacles in front of us.  Currently we may be on the brink of bankruptcy because of tax issues imposed by the state of Ohio.  We have already spent over $16,000 in legal fees defending ourselves against this egregious and misguided assault on our efforts to promote aviation education and safety.  We are perhaps the only non profit entity the general public can count on for unencumbered information and guidance in all things general or sport aviation, and for this we are being punished with a tax bill of well over $30,000!

    I am not willing to settle for failure and I think we owe it to future generations to keep this chapter alive and functioning well in spite of this assault.  We have never been anything but a clearing house for the public to gain access and knowledge of flying and building airplanes, period.  The state’s attempt to paint us in a different light may threaten our existence but, we shall endeavor to persevere over this onslaught.

    That is why I am asking for your support and your nomination for me to serve as chapter president this fall.  I promise that I will do all that I can to keep this chapter afloat even as the state of Ohio wrongly burdens us with this choking stranglehold.  The future of fun flying in the Toledo area is at stake.  Please join me in helping to preserve our rightful place at the table.

    Thank you and let’s Make Aviation Great Again!

    Bill David

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