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    Mike Whitescarver

    I built and am flying a Van's RV-8A, N926MW

    I started construction of my RV in May of 2000, and completed it in October of 2018.

    About your Airplane

    It is powered by a new Lycoming YO-360-A1A, 180 HP experimental engine with a fixed pitch Sensenich metal prop. I opted to go with the "experimental" version of the engine and save myself the extra $4,000 it would have cost for the certified version, the only difference being the paperwork.

    Some typical performance numbers (all numbers in mph):

    VX: ~ 90

    VY: 120

    VNE: 230

    VA: 142

    VS: 65

    VSO: 61

    Top speed: ~ 212 mph (This is Van's number, though I have not verified it yet)

    Ceiling: 20,000 Ft.

    Range: 800 miles @ 75% power, 940 miles @ 55% power (8,000')

    Take off distance: ~ 500 ft. at low density altitude and solo weight, ~ 800+ ft. at gross weight.

    Additional specs: Fuel Capacity: 42 gallons

    Baggage capacity: 125 pounds total (75 in rear baggage area, 50 in front baggage area)

    Gross Weight: 1800 pounds

    Empty Weight: 1061 pounds

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