• Sunday, November 09, 2014 8:08 PM
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    I am a new 2014 member who knows nothing about airplanes ,have always been a Indy race car nut,but I am paying attention and trying to educate myself about airplanes and flying.

    I became interested in chapter 582  after hearing about the :"Young Eagles" program\and its positive input to get young folks interested in aviation.

    Fascinated by Susan Johnson's efforts and accomplishments in becoming a pilot at 17 and her long term goals,congrats and go for it.

    I've enjoyed the friday nights at the hangar and looking forward to next year.I want to thank all the folks that reached out with a smile and a friendly comment,I may not always have remembered your name but I don't forget faces...:)

    Thanks for the airplane ride on my very first visit ,that was just such a fun bonus.

    All this said ,let's all put that little extra effort in better connecting with each other.Bring a new friend along....let them find out how "cool" we are !

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