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  • Thursday, November 15, 2018 8:59 PM
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    Ladies and gentlemen,

    We are going to get a little social guys. Tonight during a transition meeting we decided to start a Facebook page to promote the chapter and be able to connect with current and potential members. The page is called "EAA Chapter 582" and feel free to like and share it and promote our chapter! 

    -John Kurfess, VP EAA Chapter 582

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  • Thursday, December 13, 2018 12:37 PM
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    DeAnne. (Dee) Wiese (Administrator)

    Hi John,

     This is interesting, Were you aware that I developed and maintained our (582) Facebook page several years ago when I was President? It's still running and has over 250 followers. I have not been sent anything for quite sometime so it lacked information since my Chili Fly in. I would be willing to add or turn over the admin rights if your the moderator or I can simply delete the page all together. 

    Thanks, Dee


  • Saturday, December 15, 2018 10:59 AM
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    Greetings fellow aviators!

    I’m so glad to see cooperation among members and especially former and current officers — ladies and gentlemen who know first hand the challenges, joys and honor of serving this historic chapter!

    Keeping everybody synchronized and informed seems harder than ever in this age of information overload. Inboxes explode with ads, companies are using automated texts, paper costs are through the roof, tweets, instagrams... even the President of the United States has invaded my texts now! 

    One thing that hasn’t changed is that communication relies on both sides of the message doing their best to make sure meaning is shared as faithfully as possible. I encourage all members to carry on in our struggle to remain coordinated (pun intended) and when in doubt assume that problems staying coordinated are due to noise in the system and not intended to be personal in any way.  

    Ryan Weaver

    P.S. Did you see virgin galactic’s successful space mission?  EAA 582 helped make that happen! Way to go, Curcio!!!!

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