Partner wanted for RV-7, RV9, Arion Lightning XS, or ??

  • Monday, March 26, 2018 4:50 PM
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    I am hoping to start new project this year at (or before) Oshkosh, alone if need be, but preferablly with a co-owner/builder.   So, if anyone is interested, finding a partner is what this post is about.   I could be swayed from the RV 7/9 series or the Lightning, even to a light sport if necessary (i.e. a Sling 2, RV-12, or ??) since there is a point to be made in going to a light sport.   I am flexible in most respects --  but since I live down the street from Toledo Suburban, I'd really want the final product to be based there.   

    I could go tailwheel or tricycle- I like tailwheel best, but I think it hurts in resale. 

    I guess everyone is pretty familiar with the RV line.   These are clearly great aircraft, except maybe for build time.   But, if you're remotely interested in a partnering project, also look up the Arion Lightning (  This is a composite low wing tricycle airplane built around a variety of engine options:  Jabiru, O-320, UL, etc.   I just flew one at the company facility in Shelbyville, TN, and I thought it handled nicely, except maybe a little tighter in cockpit width than truely ideal (I'm 6'-1", about 220lbs).  A potentially big advantage to it, over the RV, is a factory build assist that can get it done in about a month.   I'm not sure how I feel about passing off so much of the construction, but I don't want to spend many many years, either.  (After all, the clock is ticking! )   

    I'm currently part of a flying club with a citabria 7ECA (tailwheel).  We have generally had 6-7 members in the club, but I in the last 7 years I have only once had a conflict in scheduling the airplane.  So while a partnership offers a big cost savings, there is just not that much of a loss in availability of the airplane.  But, getting involved in a partnership is clearly as much about the partner as the airplane, and most of you don't know me very well yet.  To that end, I'm 61, was formerly a mechanical engineer, have built RC models most of my life, do some woodworking, and I do most of my own car mechanical work.  I currently have only a private pilot license and mostly fly the citabria.  Personally, I think I'm easy to get along with, but you would have to be judge of that.  However, I have no kitbuilding experience, so this would be a new endevour.  


    Ted Lang

    419-377-0028 (voice or text)

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