First Flight Preparation Discussion

  • Saturday, October 24, 2015 12:18 PM
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    A discussion on First Flight Preparation was held on Friday, October 23rd in the Tom Walsh Library at the EAA Chapter 582 hangar.  The discussion was led by Wally Rojem and Bill David (EAA Flight Advisor).  There were eleven participants in the discussion that included both chapter members and non-members.  The discussion ran from 6:30 to approximately 9:00 pm.


    The discussion focussed on the preparation for the first flight of Wally's RV-8.  Bill presented an FAA video detailing guidelines for conducting the first flight of an experimental aircraft.  Viewing the video prompted group discussion that included, but was not limited to:

    • Test pilot choice and experience
    • Chase plane usage
    • Radio usage
    • Airport choice
    • Purpose and duration of the first flight

    Additional topics of the group discussion included:

    • Weight and balance determination for various loading configurations
    • CG relative to the wing's mean aerodynamic chord vs. datum
    • Consideration of failure modes: fire, loss of control of control surfaces, engine out, etc.
    • Fuel system configuration

    The discussion was very informative and educational.  Thanks to Wally and Bill for leading the event.  Also, thanks to all participants for sharing your experiences and the great discussion! 


    Please comment and forward any recommendations for improving these type of events.

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