Drive Out Cleveland Air Race Speaker

  • Wednesday, March 11, 2015 9:05 AM
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    Thursday, Mar 12, 2015

    EAA Chapter 846 Monthly Meeting

    Wadsworth Skypark Airport
    Wadsworth, OH

    Bill Meixner, member of the Society of Air Racing Historians, will talk to us about the exciting history of the Cleveland National Air Races.

    We have an open invitation to attend Chapter 846 membership meeting in Wadsworth Ohio at Skypark Airport. They are privileged to have guest speaker Bill Meixner present a talk on the History of The Cleveland Air Races. Bill is a member of the Society of Air Racing Historians and has spoken there before and I understand it is a very informative and entertaining presentation.

    Please find their Chapter newsletter attached… some good reading!

    I have several members reserving a ride over, so if you would find this evening entertaining please contact me so we can make sure we have enough seats available. If you can offer to drive that would be greatly appreciated. We will be leaving from KTDZ Chapter 582 Hanger on Thursday afternoon at promptly 4:30pm to arrive for their 7:00pm meeting. If anyone is flying over, please keep me informed if you are doing such and how many you will be taking so I can let their Chapter know.  


    Dan Wiese



    EAA Chapter 846

    Wadsworth Skypark Airport  

    3071 Greenwich Road

    Wadsworth, OH 44281

  • Friday, March 13, 2015 12:10 PM
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    Awesome evening with Chapter 846. I video'ed the presentation on the Cleveland Air Races. Spoke with severasl of their members. They have heard a LOT of great things about Chapter 582 over the past few years. I thought that was quite complimentary. They are a struggling Chapter that is currently using a room in the FBO and have a goal to build their own facility. When I explained that our Chapter has come a long way and that we too started in members hangers, spent a few years in an old FBO and finally raised the money to support our own facility they all looked at each other and thought "Geesh! You guys are fortunate" I also told them that we are continuing to be a work in progress but are well on our way with upcoming venues such as the Flair Project, the Simulator, shelter house, as well as hosting several programs in our learning center. The point is, if you get a chance to visit other chapter's and their facilities... you can really appreciate what 582 has done and what we have going. 

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