Plane Fun 2018: 101 Young Eagles Flown!

  • Monday, July 02, 2018 12:47 PM
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    That accurately describes the weather this past weekend at Plane Fun 2018.

    Other than the temperature, one could not have asked for much better flying conditions. Typically one would expect a lot of thermal activity with the temperature in the upper 90's but the ride remained surprisingly smooth all day long both days. 

    Turn out was somewhat lower this year, but we still did fly some kids, eat some burgers and hot dogs, launch rockets, fly simulators, build ribs and rivet some aluminum.

    The total number of Young Eagles this year was 101 (no...not Dalmations)

    Here is the breakdown.

    Mike Digby           6

    Glen Meiring       12

    George Willford  10

    Jorge Betancourt 13

    Steve Crum         12

    Jean-Marie Deschamps 10

    Steve Cechner    38

    I say it every time. This can not happen without pilots and I am very thankful for each and every one of you that stepped up! Especially with the temperature.

    And I owe a huge thanks to the ground volunteers. Thank you to everyone that came to help!! Hank, in particular, deserves a medal. Not only did he stick it out all day both days, he also had to fight an uncooperative printer! 

    Job well done everyone! 

    Thanks again,


    The danger in thanking volunteers by name is that, inevitably, someone is overlooked. I do, however, wish to acknowledge a few individuals.

    Corey and Stacy Stulpin and Aiden and Amanda Abreu put in two hot days of cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner -- Thank you so, so much! You are all big, big heroes!

    Joe Deaton put in a lot of work behind the scenes and gave charity rides as well. The forecast on Saturday kept most of the Corvette Club and Car Show away, but for those that did drive in it was a nice, relaxing afternoon.

    Kevin Loeffler and John Kurfess braved the intense sun, preparing the grounds and running the ramp, keeping traffic moving and kids and their photo bug parents safe. Nice hat, Kevin!

    Rick Rowland and Joe Priebe ran the money and charity rides table all weekend long. It's nice to have a couple of hard working, detail oriented, honest people for that kind of work... but all we had were Rick and Joe -- just kidding! You guys rocked it!

    James Marlow, Mike Whitescarver, and Ron Smolinski helped the kids build wood ribs and aluminum airplanes all weekend with Mike Bourquin and Jim Wurst helping them build and launch rockets. It is so cool that kids not only get to learn and take something tangible home with them from our event, but the fact that they've built it, well, I like to think about all the ribs, planes, and rockets littering the dressers and bedroom shelves of the greater Toledo area. Great job, fellas!

    Rich Naves came through with five flight simulators that were a very popular destination, partly because they were in the coldest room of the weekend!

    Mike Digby cleaned some pretty nasty stuff and flew charity rides, not only running the pilot brief but also bringing the donuts!

    Finally, Steve Cechner... what can I say, the man was heavily involved in all phases of darn near everything! Just the logistics on that 6am Father's Day live Ch 13 newscast alone deserves acknowledgement! He and his sons were indispensable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    What will the Plane Fun Festival look like in 2019?  I don't know. This event has transformed over the years as has its impact in our budget. Our donations did net approximately $1,400. Perhaps we should have our first planning meeting before the end of 2018...

    Stay tuned,

    Ryan Weaver

    EAA 582 President

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