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  • Friday, April 21, 2023 10:38 AM
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    The other night at the airport the topic of fighter jets on display at the 180th came up.  They have every jet fighter that was used in the squadron out at the entrance to the base.  That lead to the discussion about the fighter jet out in front of the Toledo Express Airport for so many years.

    My dad would take us out to the airport when we were kids and we would climb all over the thing.  It was stuck in the ground on three posts so it wouldn't blow away.  I remember when they drug it away, I'm not sure but it might have been in the very early 80s, and so a piece of Toledo airport history faded away.  They were a common fixture at airports all over the country, Bowling Green still has theirs.

    Mike Whitescarver says he remembers it was a Lockheed T-33, I remember it differently.  He is right about the Lockheed part but, it was a YF-97 that looks a lot like a T-33 but is a totally different airplane with a different mission.  One time when I was a co-pilot for the airline the captain I was with was ex Air Force and when he learned I was from Toledo he said that he actually flew the airplane on display and told me a few story's about the YF-97s and 94s that he flew.

    The bet was on, Mike says T-33, I say YF-97, ten bucks is on the line.  I thought it was odd that Mike couldn't find anything on his phone but I didn't bother looking till the next day.  I searched on the computer and couldn't find a thing.  I texted Mike and he can't find anything either.  What's up with that?

    So this is a call to arms, if you don't have an old photo of it yourself, somebody you know does.  There has to be hundreds if not thousands of old black and white photos in cardboard shoe boxes spread all over Ohio and Michigan.  I don't use any social media but I know you do so spread the word, we need a few pics of this so it doesn't fade way.  You can help preserve a piece of history for futer reference and besides, I need the ten bucks.

    Bill David

  • Friday, April 21, 2023 10:44 AM
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    Just for fun I fed my little story to AI (artificial intelligence) and it took two tries to get it right.  It called it a Jet Prop because I said it was a prop and one another rendition there was no emphasis that it was fun to climb on for kids.  This is what it finally came up with, it took it about 5 seconds to complete, interesting.

    Remembering the Fighter Jet Display at Toledo Express Airport

    For many years, the Toledo Express Airport had a fighter jet on display for visitors to enjoy. The jet was a Lockheed YF-97, according to some local residents, although there is still some uncertainty about the exact type of aircraft. Regardless of its identity, the jet was a popular attraction for children who loved to climb all over it and imagine themselves as pilots.

    The fighter jet display was held in place by three posts, and while it was no longer operational, it served as a reminder of the airport's history. It was a fixture at the airport for many years, and its absence has been felt by those who remember it fondly.

    Despite being a well-known landmark in the area, there is little information available about the fighter jet display. It was a jet that was used as a display or prop, and its historical significance was not widely recognized until it was removed from the airport.

    This lack of information has spurred some locals to take action and preserve a piece of Toledo airport history. They are calling on anyone who may have old photos of the fighter jet display to come forward and help verify its true identity. With the help of social media, they hope to uncover more information and ensure that this important part of Toledo's aviation history is not lost forever.

    The fighter jet display may have been just a display for visitors to enjoy, but it holds a special place in the memories of those who saw it and climbed all over it as kids. By working together, we can help preserve this important part of Toledo's aviation history for future generations to enjoy.

  • Sunday, April 30, 2023 3:01 PM
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    Glen Meiring (Administrator)

    This is quite odd.  It seems the AI response was based on your post in our EAA 582 forum.  If I didn't know you I might have thought you made up this AI response as part of a strange sense of humor.  

    I grew up on Airport Hwy, about 3 miles down the road from the airport.  As an adolescent in the early '80s, I only very vaguely remember the aircraft display.

    Still though, I find it very odd how the AI response so closely matched your initial post.  Hmm. 

  • Monday, May 01, 2023 9:54 AM
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    OK Glen, listen up on the frequency!  I said in the top of the AI story that I fed my story to AI, ChatGPT to be specific.  I just copied and pasted the first post and it spit out its version of it.

    I recall in the first version it referred to it as a "jet prop," because I told it it was "propped up."  The second version is the one I posted I think, maybe there was another edit or two.

    I have been working with AI for a few weeks on a project and I am learning it's weakness's.  After it came up with a rendition of the thoughts I was trying to express it came up with an excellent prose.

    I asked it to ad the word "jeopardy" to the statement and walla!  I then asked it to write a summary of the question I had posed and it gave me a two paragraph synopsis in about 4 seconds.  It was perfect but, upon closer examination I noticed the word jeopardy was missing.  I asked it where was jeopardy,  and it replied, "pardon me, I overlooked that, I'll do it over."

    So yes, it was the AI version of my story.

    If my memory is better than the sum of all human knowlege's memory, AI has got a long way to go.


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