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Friday, April 11, 2014 1:00 PM | Tom Park

Several days ago,  I received my copy of Sport Aviation (for those of you who don't know, this is the monthly magazine put out by EAA National).
Many of the articles I would classify as "teaching articles" written by pilots who connect with their readers by sharing common mistakes or situations that could happen to any of us who fly.  Some of  the articles are written about building techniques and some are written about the latest break through in aviation technology.  All are written with you, the general aviation aficionado in mind.   
This is good publication for those who enjoy the real nuts and bolts about flying.   A magazine written (for the most part) by pilots... for pilots.
I say these things because one of the articles I read in this months publication, resonated with my thoughts as an EAA Member and Chapter President.
In a tribute...  or maybe I should say, "thank you" to Paul Poberezny (Paul was the founder of the EAA) Jeff Skiles, Vice President of EAA, communications and member services writes:
Paul's greatest skill was in understanding EAA members and the organization that he created.  Paul knew that EAA isn't a thing, but a movement.  Paul understood that every EAA member has a voice and that leadership doesn't occur by going your own way.  True leadership only ocures by bringing people along with you giving them responsibility and ownership. 


I believe Paul saw it correctly.  Like Paul, I believe the EAA is a movement.   A movement of people who love general aviation.. that's you and me.


If aviation is your passion, then Paul is right.  We have a responsibility to work together to champion our cause.  It's not only about airplanes or flying, it's about aviation.  It's the package.  


Now, more than ever, general aviation needs you to be involved.  We all have an obligation to stay motivated.  To be informed, to be current, to participate.  We share the responsibility, not only to our fellow aviators but to our youth that general aviation lives on.  


We are all part of the movement.  We own the the movement.  We are the movement.  The EAA and Chapter 582 is our voice.  We must use it.


Don't leave the survival of something you hold so dear, your passion of flying, in the hands of someone else.  It is up to you....  For without you and your contribution, your commitment to the cause,  general aviation as we know it, may soon cease to exist.



Tom Park

President, EAA Chapter 582

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