March Message

Friday, March 28, 2014 12:47 PM | Tom Park

I need your help. That's right.... a little bit of your time.... and expertise!

Honestly.... "I".....  personally, don't need your help but there a few young aviators out there that do.

You have heard me say, there are many way of staying involved in aviation, but "giving back" is perhaps the most rewarding.  When you share your passion with others.... well, I think you find, you feel good about yourself when you go to bed at night.
What I am talking about here is a "win", "win" for everyone.  What I am talking about is getting involved with our Young Eagles Program.

Do you remember your first airplane ride?  Do you remember the excitement you felt as you were about to crawl into the airplane?  Do you remember who that person who made that ride happen for you?   That was a long time ago, but I bet you can still remember the moment.   Well.....  what are you willing to do to make that ride happen for someone else?

If you have a little spare... (and I truly mean "a little")... and think you would like to re-live your first ride, by sharing that experience with another first time flyer.....  We could use you.

From being a committee member, helping to select candidates for the  EAA, Air Academy, to working a few hours during the summer at one of the scheduled Young Eagle Events, we could use your help.

If you are a pilot... great.  If you are simply willing to help..great...  Give me a call.

EAA, Chapter 582 has much to offer our members.  Our members have much to offer our youth.  Sharing our passion... helps insures our passion will live on.  It is up to us to invest..... it's up to us to give back.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Park
President, EAA Chapter 582
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