EAA Chapter Camping 2023 LANDLORD Sign Up

  • Monday, July 24, 2023
  • Sunday, July 30, 2023
  • EAA Airventure , Oshkosh Wisconsin
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  • You are becoming a landlord for one of the chapter camping sites.

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You are becoming an EAA Chapter 582 landlord for one of the spaces at the chapter camping site at Airventure.

Read the following carefully:

Oshkosh is approaching and the chapter is pursuing chapter camping.

Chapter camping is a service whereby EAA National at Oshkosh will reserve up to 6 campsites side by side so a chapter can enjoy the show together.

Here is how we will approach this.

Each campsite is $306 for the week and is nonrefundable.

Each campsite will be purchased by a chapter member who we will call a landlord ;)

(The term landlord here is being used tongue in cheek. The landlord is simply a facilitator who should make every attempt to accommodate campers so we can have a good group in attendance and spread the costs as evenly as possible. If your goal is to be the “monarch” of a 20 x 30 plot then simply buy your own campsite in camp Sholler and come on over and visit the chapter site)

The landlord and the landlord only is allowed a vehicle. At the landlord’s discretion, a different vehicle may be substituted for the landlord’s vehicle, but EACH CAMP SITE IS ALLOWED ONLY ONE VEHICLE.

Each campsite is roughly 20 x 30 so the landlord’s vehicle and primary domicile (tent or camper) will leave space for other campers, who we will call squatters ;)

The landlord will work out rental deals with squatters. The goal is to spread the costs as evenly as possible. Let’s get creative chapter!

It is the responsibility of the landlord and their respective squatter(s) to make sure we don’t get overcrowded. I suggest we limit the number of domiciles on any space to three unless your tent/camper is massive then I suggest just two domiciles. If you have a massive tent consider sharing. You’re all bright people, work it out.

If you are a minimalist camper and sleep in one of those one man tent/sleeping bag cocoons, then work out a deal with a landlord.

There has to be one designee who will arrive at the beginning of the show. That designee will secure the credentials from the EAA and will be responsible for giving those credentials to landlords as they arrive. When you register as a landlord, *** please indicate your willingness to act as the designee. ***

Squatters need only arrive at the campsite and set up their tent/cocoon.

I want to reiterate, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE VEHICLE PER CAMPSITE, so squatters need to work out their travel plans (flying, carpooling, bus, hitch hiking, skydiving, Star Trek transporter, etc..). There is a lot, the South lot, where a parking pass can be purchased for a nominal daily fee. It's a place to park your vehicle but it is not located near the chapter site (there may be some walking involved ;) )

We will not purchase the chapter campsite until we have a volunteer designee and at least three landlords. If no designee steps forward, we will not purchase the chapter camping. If we get landlord interest, we will hold a chapter meeting in June to see if we have enough squatters. June 23rd is the last day chapters can reserve sites for chapter camping.

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