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  • Tuesday, January 06, 2015 2:52 PM
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    I'm curious as to what the airplane is on the Chapter Website? What an AWESOME photo! And what a beautiful ship! The puppies are cute too!

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  • Thursday, April 09, 2015 9:10 AM
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    William David (Administrator)

    Mr. Wise, Sorry it took me so long to make this post.  I have been studying this photograph since it was posted researching the different elements in it.    After lengthy discussions with famed aviation experts Richard Quest from CNN and Brian Williams of NBC (Brian was actually shot down in one of these in a dog fight with a Pakistani Messerschmitt in desert storm (shock and ow part II)  although Brian actually won the dog fight, his aircraft was struck by an RPG and he made a forced landing in the desert on a road filled with IUDs where he single handedly disarmed all of them using only a Leatherman and a discarded Iraqi tooth brush.) It appears as though this is an example of a Barnburner D-206.

    Barnburner is a subsidiary of Maconell Dubious, which was later absorbed by the defense contractor Dogfied.  Dogfied is the home of the now famous, “Dogworks.”  This is just another brilliant example of their brillaiant work which is performed without human intervention except, when it comes to feeding time, or waste removal.

    The “D,” signifies that the principal crew make up is two dogs and one human.  The first dog acts as the aircraft commander and insures that the human pilot doesn't do anything stupid.  This of course is a full time job so another dog called a, “backseater,” is required to perform routine chores such as fueling, maintenance, and insurance procurement, and getting treats from the girls at the FBO.  Other duties for the human include waste removal, internal and external, feeding, and grooming.

    I must admit that without the help of aviation and all round experts on everything, Richard and Brian my facts might not be as accurate as they are.  If you have any other questions please contact me.  Stewart Pidaso.  My friends call me Stew

  • Friday, August 21, 2015 10:49 AM
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    Is that a banana split with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge drizzled over it?

    Or are you just happy to see me?  Or anyone for that matter.

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