EAA 582 Calendar Update 2017

  • Wednesday, January 11, 2017 1:45 PM
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    Ryan Weaver (Administrator)

    Happy New Year, Everybody!

    So far for 2017 our calendar includes:


    2/23 Membership Mtg (first of 2017, TDZ)


    3/11 Winter Banquet (582 turns 40 this year!)

    3/23 Membership Mtg


    4/27 Membership Mtg


    5/6-7 TPS Aviation Expo (Young Eagles, TOL)

    5/25 Membership Mtg


    6/2 First HATH (weekly Friday night food at the hangar, TDZ)

    6/17-18 Plane Fun Festival (Young Eagles, TDZ)


    7/27 Membership Mtg

    7/24-30 AirVenture Oshkosh!


    8/? Wood Co Air Fair (Young Eagles, 1G0)

    8/24 Membership Mtg

    8/25 Last HATH (Friday night food at the hangar, TDZ)


    9/28 Membership Mtg


    10/22 Chili and Franks Fly-In, Cruise-In, Ride-In (HAAR)

    10/26 Membership Mtg


    11/16 Membership Mtg (Elections!)

    This is what we have so far. What is not included yet but are anticipated are:

    1. Bill Davis Ground Schools (that's Davis with an "s")

    2. Cultured Craftsmen Builders Meetings

    3. Board of Directors Meetings

    Reminder:  BATHs (building at the hangar) are currently running every Wednesday approximately 5ish to 8ish. Update: the wing is done! Connecting it to the fuselage, building and connecting an aileron to the controls are next followed by DESTRUCTIVE TESTING! For those who are not familiar, this is the EAA 582 Flaire group project -- a prototype trainer destined to reshape the sport pilot landscape and likely to become our next Sport Aviation article.

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