It's raining Wasps in the 582 Hangar

  • Thursday, March 17, 2016 9:30 AM
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    I'm no entomologist, so this is beyond me, but every time the temperature in the hangar gets up to 60°F wasps start falling from the ceiling about 15' from the shop in the center (right next to my plane) I haven't seen them fall but I'm assuming that's what is happening because you see these wasps that appear drunk just stumbling around on the floor (obviously you proceed to step on them). I have not witnessed any of these critters progress to the flight stage. I'm not sure if that is due to my swift action or the temperature of the concrete debilitating them. While these wasps being limited to stumbling around on the floor is fortunate for us, I do find it ironic that wasps residing in an airplane hangar are such poor aviators. Perhaps they, have gotten their hands on some of that eggnog bill was passing around trying to convince us to drink during the hangar cleaning. . again not an entomologist. In sweeping the floor I have probably come across 20-30 of them.

    Anyways, has this occurred before? It's bizarre. There is one very small nest in the shop  on one of the beams. I came across a couple on the shop floor below that but I think it is depleted (that or the rest are teetotalers or maybe and / or are just a bit smarter). I haven't been able to locate the one in the hangar. I had hoped natural selection would eliminate this problem but the flow of drunk wasps on to the floor does not appear to be slowing down. I'm thinking we may want to locate the nest and try to get rid of it before warmer weather comes around and their drunken stupor progresses  to a more violent state. If anybody can point out where the nest is, let me know and I'll use that lift to try and take it out.

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